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Military Moms United
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Officers     Military Mom


Director-Vice President                                MARINE MOM, ACTIVE DAUGHTER

Director- Treasurer:          ARMY MOM, ACTIVE SPC SON

Secretary :                                  MARINE MOM, ACTIVE DAUGHTER

Director- Membership                 AIR FORCE MOM, VETERAN SON



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  • The DVC houses approximatemy 104 homeless male and female veterans, while serving numerous others through on-site support services.                                                                

Michigan Veterans Foundation 2770 park Ave. Detroit, MI 48201

Phone: (313) 831-5500






Our MMU Disclaimer:

The administrative people involved are all Volunteers with day jobs, selfessly giving their time, energy and passion to the cause.  In other words, there is NOT somebody making a salary.

We are actually a membership charitable organization, with proceeds going for the Troops.  If a Veteran or Military family shows a need, we are there, ready to assist in anyway we are able.